The realization about the importance of Domestic commerce for growth, sectoral competitiveness and international trade has been there in Pakistan since quite some time. Ten Domestic Commerce Studies brought out by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan, in 2005-6 highlighted the policy significance of the ‘Commerce’ aspects of domestic businesses which intervene/take place between the production and consumer in case of commodities and between manufacturing and consumer in case of value-added products.

With the increase in domestic growth and demand, the businesses dealing with the Commerce have been growing and the increasing share of Services Sector is an evidence of the growth potential for domestic commerce and inter-province trade. The supply chains thus created started becoming more complex with the integration of a large number of Value Chains as the domestic commerce in Pakistan intensified due to improved connectivity.

Pakistan’s domestic markets continue being more and more integrated creating more and more opportunities for the firms facilitating the domestic commerce within the provinces and across the provinces. With the increase in local demand and increasing sophistication of demand, the wholesale and retail trade has picked up phenomenally in Pakistan, with an ever-expanding SME sector in an expanding urbanization and integration of rural with the urban. With the passage of time Competition and Competitiveness were bound to become policy challenges, creating opportunities and risks for Pakistan’s international trade competitiveness and for equity, particularly in agri-markets.

Our Work

  • Exploring the characteristics of industrial sector of Pakistan
  • Measuring the size of sub-national economy in Pakistan
  • Exploring the characteristics of Agriculture sector of Pakistan