About Capacity Analytics

Capacity Analytics (CA) is an Islamabad based autonomous research and development think tank. It is a multi-sectoral knowledge-based organisation that aims to address socio-economic and climate change related issues in Pakistan.  For this purpose, the CA team is actively engaged and works in close collaboration with donors, policymakers, think tanks, governments, market professionals, private sector entities, and academia for quality research and development activities. The think tank provides technical and logistic services for trainings, operational review, thematic reviews, impact & outcome evaluations, consultancy services, operational research, content creation, visualization & printing, business advisory and project & program implementation.

The unique nature of our local and international networks enables us to respond at scale but within a truly local context. CA team collaborates with top academicians of Pakistan to provide substantial consideration on the development of effective use of tools for evidence-based decision making. Additionally, we provide retainership services, capacity-building and technical assistance to our partners/clients during all phases of the project cycle.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the economic policy by addressing inter-related disciplines of social, political, and cultural aspects and to create knowledge by undertaking analytical research that is targeted at informing policymakers and businesses in the domain of academia with the focus on inclusiveness, fair governance, accountability, sustainability, capacity development, and networking.

Our Mission

To harness the knowledge, capacity, skills, and experience in the development sector by channeling grassroots advocacy and providing strategic guidance to the policymakers and development practitioners for the accelerated, equitable, and sustainable development of the country.

Our Aim

We aim to encourage and facilitate the implementation of progressive policies, programs, laws, and regulations based on basic principles of socio-economic sustainable development through policy-oriented research and proficiency-based training of business professionals for capacity development. We also aim to provide research experience, which delivers innovative and effective solutions for our clients. We see the efficient integration of quality improvement approaches and specialized expert knowledge as our key asset to enable processes with sustainable results in the future.

Organizational Policies