The development tools for socio-economic development to date are more to do with merely increasing the funds of various agencies or for example if it is about poverty reduction then cash grants is the solution that every other entity thinks about. However, it is high time that technology for development is harnessed. We will have to delve in to digitization based solutions and e-governance policies. Our work on ‘Harnessing Technology for Development’ aims at research in technical advances for addressing the development challenges.

In Pakistan there is a huge potential of utilization of technology for socio-economic and sustainable development. We will provide the expertise and solutions to harness the technology for development. One such example is digitization of informal labour to formalize this pool of labour resource. The governments are already putting efforts to digitize the land records to ensure efficiency. Similarly, we can transform informal labour to formal labour by appropriate digitization.

In the same way we can make use of technology to address all the economic issues around us. These technology based interventions can lead to sustainable development. The advancements in technology are in many ways supporting the development process. Much of our work at Capacity Analytics will involve engaging with public sector, private sector and academia to achieve the same.