Capacity Analytics watch on macroeconomic indicators and financing is greatly appreciated in the development community. We regularly evaluate and assess the quality of capital inflows in Pakistan for producing Pakistan Quarterly Investment Bulletins. Besides, our team members had the opportunity to lead the revenue mobilization efforts of the Government of Pakistan. We have been providing support in the budget making process and forecasting of key macroeconomic indicators.

Our experts have remained engaged in the risk modeling for market, liquidity, credit, operations etc. to support the banking operations. We have been estimating risk matrix for enterprise risk. Besides, our team has remained extensively engaged with the World Bank and other international financial institutions (IFIs) for implementing debt management strategies. We have been assessing and managing risk from contingent liabilities.

We provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Forecasting and macroeconomic assistance
  • Providing enterprise solutions
  • Risk analytics
  • Capital market consultancies
  • Transaction advisories
  • Treasury management functions

Our Work

  • Evaluation and assessment of quality of capital inflows in Pakistan
  • Development of educational institution business model
  • Empirical analysis of structural reforms and economic growth in Asia
  • Banks Credit Risk Management
  • Forecasting of Financial Statements for clients

Our Services

  • Generating investment bulletins for clients
  • Providing advice to Government of Pakistan on issuance of Eurobonds and its listings on London stock exchange
  • Developing investment policy statements of PSEs
  • Providing investment advisory to public sector enterprise such as National Power Parks Management Company Limited