Developing, Designing & Printing of NDRMF’s Annual Corporate Report 2021-22

Capacity Analytics, renowned for consultancy and advocacy services, undertook a significant project to develop and publish the annual report for the National Disaster Risk Management Fund (NDRMF). This undertaking was a testament to Capacity Analytics’ dedication to excellence, leveraging the collective expertise of its team of professionals.

To enhance the report’s accessibility and engagement, Capacity Analytics enlisted the expertise of professionals skilled in data visualization. Infographics and figures were incorporated strategically, making the report not only informative but also visually appealing and reader-friendly. The development and publication of the annual report for NDRMF by Capacity Analytics in the year 2022-2023 were marked by a chronological progression of meticulous research, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of quality. The resulting report stands as a testament to the dedication and expertise of Capacity Analytics in effectively conveying NDRMF’s mission, projects, and achievements to its stakeholders and the public.