State of Circular Economy in Pakistan

As resources around the globe deplete, multi-dimensional approach is required as a response to solve this issue. On one hand there is a need to ensure that the already available resources are being utilised in the most efficient manner, to maximise their potential usage. On the other hand, equally important is the need to ensure there is minimum wastage in the process of utilization of these resources, there is a need to reduce, reuse and recycle (3R).

The circular economy is one of the main objective for the sustainable environment and economic growth that has been taken by some governments and businesses around the world. Currently, the circular economy has received attention worldwide, the supply of resources and efficiency of resources is vital for the businesses and prosperity of economies.

Capacity Analytics is writing Pakistan’s flagship report on the State of Circular Economy of Pakistan. The activity will help:
–    clearly define circular economy in Pakistan’s context
–    examine the international frameworks established for CE
–    identify where Pakistan stands in comparison to international implementation of CE
–    carry out a detailed policy analysis regarding waste management in Pakistan
–    identify the key stakeholders (both public and private) for CE
–    identify loopholes in policy and its implementation and gaps in the role played by stakeholders
–    analyse the potential of various contributors on hazardous waste to adopt CE production SOPs and processes.

  • Develop an Economic Model of Circular Economy in Pakistan
  • Make policy recommendations to assist developing rules and implementing them, both at the Federal and Provincial governmental levels.


The report will be launched in the month of November 2023.